The high standard of Bio Sculpture Gel’s comprehensive nail training and ongoing support produces award-winning nail technicians worldwide.

Being a successful nail tech can only be achieved through intensive training in nail analysis and product knowledge. The internationally recognised Bio Sculpture Gel certification is testament to our proud, competent, Professional Nail Technicians.

Bio Sculpture is THE HEALTHY GEL NAIL SYSTEM – 5 FREE of harmful Chemicals to destroy your nails , VEGAN, ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE, boasts a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING and has Won many Awards Worldwide.



Bio Sculpture Gel has a variety of different Treatment Gels that will protect and enhance natural nails, including a high viscosity Base Gel, a variety of Strengthening Gels, Sculpting Gels and Building Gels. Gloss Gel is a scratch resistant, high-gloss final layer to finish all Gel treatments.

With Bio Sculpture Base Gel and Soft Gels applied to the natural free edge, brittle/flaky nails can be restored. Ripped or split nails can be repaired by securing the tear with silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

Short and broken nails can easily be lengthened to strong, natural looking nails by using a nail form and Free-Edge Gel.

Even severely bitten nails can be lengthened successfully by using silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel on a Nail Form, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

Strengthening weak nails or supporting long nails (depending on nail analysis), can be done by building an Upper Arch or applying a layer of the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel for a durable, yet flexible end result.

A flat, scooped or corrugated nail surface can be corrected by using the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel to build a perfect Upper Arch.

Bio Sculpture has a vast A Nail Colour Range, and an E Nail Colour Range with matching Nail Polish. These ranges comprise of Colour and French Gels that add strength, flexibility and permanent colour to the nail.


The Bio Sculpture gel brand specializes in training.

Professional training is key to having great nail technicians. We have specialized training educators in Greece and the Greek islands that will help grow our brand and create good technicians. We are currently training our educators and will have training dates available shortly in your area.

For more information please contact us : biosculpturegreece@gmail.com


Evo Oxygenating Gel was developed from the base up, to provide the best combination of performance and safety. It contains no organic solvents, formaldehyde, DBP or Camphor, and Evo Base is infused with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These Vitamins migrate to the natural nail after curing. Its long chain length polyurethane backbone was selected specifically to provide the flexibility and toughness necessary for product performance as well as to provide better water vapour permeation after curing.


A balance of oxygen and moisture vapour is essential to keep nails healthy. When a nail is covered by artificial product, it can be vulnerable to dehydration and bacterial and fungal infection. Keratin, which makes up the majority of the nail, allows the transmission of oxygen and water vapour to nourish the skin and kill anaerobic bacteria.

Evo Oxygenating Base is optimised to mimic this process by facilitating the exchange of oxygen and water vapour. Even though H2O is a larger molecule than O2, it is much smaller than the larger gaps in the cured Gel’s microscopic structure, allowing water vapour molecules to migrate through to the natural nail surface.






The Bio Sculpture gel company is very proud to offer all our clients the Healthiest, non harmful gel products and the best possible tools of the highest standard to each and everyone of our trained nail technicians.


Our gels and products have passed through many tests and passed regulations.



ISO22716 – CGMP – Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice – Audited by SGS – Switzerland – Mandatory for Cosmetic Export

European Commission – CPNP – Cosmetic Product Notification Portal – Comply to Cosmetic Regulation EC1223/2009 – Mandatory for Export to EU

US FDA – VCRP – Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program – Voluntary but a necessity for us to comply with Canadian Cosmetic Authorities.


Our gels are kept to the healthiest standard for our clients and to be non harmful to the natural nail


Our Gels DO NOT contain the chemicals that damage the nails that can be found in many other products. The gels are 5FREE, free of harmful chemicals


Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), a member of the phthalate family of chemicals, is used in nail polish to minimize chipping. Phthalates are classified as endocrine disruptors and mimic the hormone estrogen in your body. They are proven to impair the hormonal development of male fetuses, cause organ damage, and may even instigate early-onset menopause.


Toluene is the nail polish ingredient used to create a smooth application and finish. It has a sweet, pungent smell and is also found in most conventional nail polish removers. However, its fumes are highly toxic; studies have shown that exposure to toluene can cause neurological damage, decreased brain function, impaired breathing, hearing loss, and nausea. When inhaled too frequently by pregnant women, it may result in impaired fetal development. Animal studies have also shown that toluene is linked to reproductive impairment, immune system toxicity, and blood cancers like malignant lymphoma.


Formaldehyde is used to harden and strengthen nail polishes, also serving as a preservative that protects against bacterial growth. Formaldehyde is naturally produced by the body in incredibly small amounts—similar to the concentration found in some vaccines. At this low level, formaldehyde is not dangerous.


Formaldehyde resin is a by-product of formaldehyde that makes its way into many nail polish formulas that include formaldehyde. It has been the subject of fewer human tests than the other four chemicals. However, preliminary studies show that can cause severe skin irritation and allergic reactions, skin depigmentation and loss of nerve sensation.


Camphor is the ingredient used to give conventional nail polishes their glossy, shiny appearance. It is less toxic than the first three ingredients listed above, and is sometimes used in cold remedies such as vapor rubs and nasal sprays.


We know how important our clients are and how they feel about animal testing and share in the same philosophy- OUR PRODUCTS ARE ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE

We are also proud to announce that our gels are also VEGAN


Hi loyal techs! We have compiled a list below of some of the most frequent questions we get asked, all the Questions and Answers are searchable via the search bar above.


What is EVO by Bio Sculpture gel?

EVO is a fast line gel polish system , derived from her mother gel – Bio Sculpture gel.

It is a 3 layer system that lasts up to 5 weeks and has many health benefits for your nails – It has an OXYGENATING BASE, which allows the nail to ‘Breathe’, It is infused with Vitamins A & E when cured, It is a medical grade product, just to name a few…

What is EVO Oxygenating Base Gel?

Evo Oxygenating Gel  – Designed to improve AIR permeability – the exchange of water vapour and oxygen to and from the NAIL BED, allowing the nail to ‘breathe’.

Evo has been designed from the ground up to provide the best combination of performance and safety. Free of organic solvents and the product contains no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP or Camphor, strictly no animal testing and is 100% Vegan.

What are the other benefits of EVO gel polish ?

Evo is a Revolutionary Gel that has Evolved from our industry leading Bio Sculpture UV Nail Care Technology. Evo Oxygenating Gel is Bio Sculpture Gel’s fast lane colour Gel overlay product line that is 100% compatible with the original Bio Sculpture Gel nail system.

Boasts Superior Adhesion Technology – lasts up to 4 weeks and longer.

EVO® Base is a Medical Grade Formulation. ISO 10993-5.

A healthy nail grows approximately 0.1mm per day, depending on the stability and composition of the nail plate. Food, stress, pollution, sunlight, cold and change of season, all these elements disturb the cycles of growth and health of the nail. Moreover the keratin structures are very permeable (10 times higher than skin) and to stay healthy, they need exchange with air and water vapour.

Evo Base is infused with Vitamin A and E that migrate to the nail surface after curing.

Self leveling – Cures to a smooth finish that requires no surface refining.

Flexible Support -Yields a strong, flexible end-result that prevents nail plate injury or damage.

Evo Oxygenating Gel contains no organic solvents, dehydrating primers or binders.

With Evo there’s no excessive buffing, minimal dust and all products are free of any harmful chemicals including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

LONG LASTING HIGH GLOSS – Evo Gloss lasts up to three weeks.

Easy to Remove – Removes within 10 to 12 minutes without causing damage to the natural nail.

Evo Oxygenating Gel is 100% cruelty free. Absolutely NO animal testing.

Can you use EVO colours on Bio Sculpture gel?

Evo Oxygenating Gel is Bio Sculpture Gel’s fast lane colour Gel overlay product line that is 100% compatible with the original Bio Sculpture Gel nail system – Colours and Base gels.

What is EVO by Bio Sculpture gel?

EVO is a fast line gel polish system , derived from her mother gel – Bio Sculpture gel.

It is a 3 layer system that lasts up to 5 weeks and has many health benefits for your nails – It has an OXYGENATING BASE, which allows the nail to ‘Breathe’, It is infused with Vitamins A & E when cured, It is a medical grade product, just to name a few…

Can I use EVO Gloss gel over Bio Sculpture gel?

Yes, the Gloss is compatible with Bio Sculpture


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Do I need to wipe EVO Oxygenating gel Before I apply a layer of colour?

Yes, Always wipe the EVO Oxygenating Base gel before applying a layer of colour.

Does EVO cure in LED or UV lamps ?

All EVO gels ONLY cure in LED lamps and NOT in UV lamps.

It cures in LED lamps 30 seconds. It is recommended you leave the Oxygenating Base gel to cure a little longer 40-50 seconds.

Do I need to wipe EVO Oxygenating gel Before I apply a layer of colour?

Yes, Always wipe the EVO Oxygenating Base gel before applying a layer of colour.

Do I paint all nails before curing?

No, It is recommended you paint only 1 0r 2 fingers on each hand a time before curing start from the pinky finger and working your way up to the thumb where it should cure on its own.

Can I leave my gels in the sun?

No, Leaving your gels in direct sunlight will cause your gels to cure .

How do I remove EVO gel polish?

Click HERE to see a full video on the QUICK removal of EVO.

Can I leave my gels in the sun?

No, Leaving your gels in direct sunlight will cause your gels to cure .

Ive ordered the EVO MOOD COLOURS. Is the application any different to the normal EVO?

No, just make sure the colours have been shaken and mixed well before application. There is a metal ball inside the bottles to assist with mixing.

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With the EVO Gel range, Is it essential I use the Cleanser and remover sachets? Or can i use dual cleanser and gel remover?

The sachets are easy to use with Evo to give a quick, less mess treatment, but yes, you can use your Cleanser and Remover.


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I wondered if you knew an approximate cost price is for a set of EVO Gel overlay Please and removal?

The cost price for Evo overlays with removal is approximately 2.30EURO

Do I use the nail treatments (Vitamin Dose & Executive Base ) under EVO?

You do not need to use our Nail Treatments under Evo, however if you did a soak off and found that your client would benefit from a Nail Treatment Product then you can apply.


What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-step system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

What is Bio Sculpture Color Gel?

Bio Sculpture Color Gel is clear gel with pre-blended color pigment added to create No Chip nail colors. Color gel looks and applies like nail polish but gives incredible strength. The color gel will last for weeks without fading, chipping or wearing away at the free edge.

Is Bio Sculpture Gel a Soak Off gel?

Yes, All of Bio Sculpture’s Treatment Gels and Color Gels are soak off. All Gel soaks off in as little as 10-20 minutes or 5 minutes per layer.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel be applied to the natural nail?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel is known as the natural nail gel and can be applied directly onto natural nails without the use of primers or bonders.

Is Bio Sculpture Color Gel similar to other “Soak Off Color Gel Lacquers”?

No… Color Gel “lacquers/polishes” is not a true gel and does not give any strength to the natural nails. It is merely a longer lasting nail color lacquer/polish that is light cured. If a client’s nails are thin, weak or need extra strength color gel lacquers will have to be used in combination with a nail system to strengthen the nail. Bio Sculpture Color Gel offers strength and No Chip nail color with one application.

Can I build a gel nail extension using Bio Sculpture Gel?

Beautiful, natural looking, flexible but strong gel nail extensions can be created using Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel. Solid (less-flexible) sculptures can be created with Bio Sculpture Free-Edge Gel. Gel nail extensions can be created with either a paper form or our easy Free-Form gel extension methods. Bio Sculpture Gel nail extensions will not crack, tear or splinter and are great for nail biters.

Will Bio Sculpture crack or splinter?

No, Bio Sculpture Gel will not crack or splinter due to its flexibility. Not using Bio Sculpture Gel or Bio Sculpture Top Coat as a last layer, but an alternative polish top coat or color polish that contains formaldehyde may cause the surface of the gel to be dehydrated causing small hairline cracks. These cracks will disappear when you do your next fill. “Compare it with a cloth that is flexible. If the cloth is bent it will not break or tear but if glue is spilled on the cloth and left to dry the cloth will crack or even tear.”

How can I convert my traditional acrylic clients over to gel?

This should not be difficult. Start using Bio Sculpture Gel when your client needs her next fill. If you see that your client’s natural nail is thin and damaged due to the use of damaging products, explain how Bio Sculpture Gel is and will not damage their natural nails. We suggest that you thin down the existing product on the nail, then do a conventional gel fill with Bio Sculpture and wean off the unwanted product over time.

Is Bio Sculpture suitable for hairdressers who have their hands in water a lot?

Bio Sculpture Gel will not be affected or damaged by water. Many hairdressers have their nails done with Bio Sculpture Gel because it is strong and will not stain when S-Gel or UV-Gel Coat is used as a last layer. It is highly recommended that they do Home After-Care regularly and wear gloves when working with chemicals.

How do I change my nail color if I have gel on my nails?

Bio Sculpture Gel offers Nail Polishes to match 100 of our 170 gel colors. For a temporary color change simply apply a layer of your chosen nail polish color over your gel application. Remove the polish the next day or a few days later to return to your original gel color.

Does a client have problems with fungus or nail mold while wearing Bio Sculpture Gel?

No, Bio Sculpture Gel does not cause any fungus or nail mold. Bio Sculpture Gel has undergone a stringent “Clinical Test” to assess the tolerability and efficiency of Bio Sculpture UV light-cured nail gel in first-time and long-term users – (Aug 2004). The research result showed that one hundred percent (100%) of first-time users, and ninety nine percent (99%) of long-term users, reported no paronychia or contact dermatitis. Consequently, the conclusion was drawn that Bio Sculpture UV light- cured nail gel is both highly effective and tolerable for use as cosmetic nail gel. It received a 5-Star Safety Rating.

How can I improve the removal process?

Use the electric drill machine to break and remove the top layers of the gels and then once you have soaked and wrapped up the nail in gel remover cotton  with foil ,Use the electric warming mittens to speed up the process of removing the gel .


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How do I remove Bio Sculpture Gel from my client's nails?

Bio Sculpture Gel can easily be removed within 10 –  20 minutes by soaking the gel nails in Bio Sculpture Soak Off (Gel Remover)). Click here for soak off/ removal step-by-steps.

Is the Soak Off procedure ultimately damaging to nails?

No, Bio Sculpture applies Cuticle and Nail Conditioner after a soak off procedure to hydrate and nourish natural nails

Can other “polish remover” brands be used during a Bio Sculpture Gel procedure?

No, other solutions contain chemicals that may cause gel to lift, or not leave a shiny finish. The success of the Bio Sculpture Gel system depends on the use of the system as a whole and not in combination with other cuticle softeners/removers, top coats, solvents or chemicals.”

Can other “sanitizer” brands be used during a Bio Sculpture procedure?

No, other brands sanitizers contain chemicals that will leave a very thin invisible film on the natural nail. Bio Sculpture does not use primers and bonders that will edge through this film layer, it will prevent gel from adhering to the natural nail.

Will a Paraffin wax treatment damage my gel application?

Paraffin dips are delightful and can be done after a gel application is completed. It will not affect the gel. If done before the gel application the gel will lift because of too much oil on the natural nail (the gel will not adhere properly).

How can I improve my removal / soak off process?

Use the electric drill machine to break and remove the top layers of the gels and then once you have soaked and wrapped up the nail in gel remover cotton  with foil ,Use the electric warming mittens to speed up the process of removing the gel .


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Can I use Bio Sculpture Gel with any UV-A Lamp?

Not any UV lamp can cure Bio Sculpture Gel, a 9watt UV-A Lamp with at least two or more 9watt UV-A light bulbs is required to cure Bio Sculpture Gel.

A UV curing lamp with 4, 6 or 8watt light bulbs will not cure Bio Sculpture Gel even if you leave the nails in the lamp for a longer period of time or have several bulbs. The UV rays must be strong enough to penetrate all the way through the gel.

Remember that each light bulb used in the UV lamp much be 9watts. If a UV lamp has 4 x 4watt light bulbs it will still be just a 4watt UV-A lamp and does not make up 16 watts (wattage cannot be multiplied).


Grey Bio Sculpture & Black tubs Bio Sculpture gels require 2 minutes for curing in UV lamps


Are the UV-A rays from the Bio Sculpture 9watt UV-A Lamp harmful?
Can you cure Bio Sculptur egels in LED lamps?

Yes, Bio Sculpture gels in the NEW grey tubs cure in LED lamps and require only 30 seconds to cure.

ONLY Grey Bio Sculpture gel tubs cure in LED lamps and NOT the Black Bio Sculpture gel tubs


Who can I contact for training in Greece?

You can Call our direct telephone Line :

0030 2111981265


We have educators that you can contact for more assistance regarding training dates, prices…etc

Attica (Athens)

Elefteria Manikas

Contact Number: 0030 6985961177

Email:  greece.biosculpture@gmail.com


Central Greece (Lamia) – Educator position still vacant

Central Macedonia (Thessaloniki) –

Angeliki kompouridou

Contact number: 0030 6946022465

Email: kompouridoukiki@gmail.com


Crete (Heraklion) – Educator position still vacant

Peloponnese (Tripoli) – Educator position still vacant

Eastern Macedonia & Thrace (Komotini) – Educator position still vacant

Epirus (Ioannina) –  Educator position still vacant

Ionian Islands (Corfu) – Educator position still vacant

North Aegean (Mytilene) – Educator position still vacant

South Aegean (Ermoupolis) – Educator position still vacant

Thessaly (Larissa) – Educator position still vacant

Western Macedonia (Kozani) – Educator position still vacant

Western Greece (Patras)

Elefteria Manikas

Contact Number: 0030 6985961177

Email:  greece.biosculpture@gmail.com

Penelope Floropoulou (Agriniou)

Contact number: 0030 6947946020

I cant find my closest training educator for Bio Sculpture or EVO gel?

To find out who your nearest educator is, you can contact the Head office

Email: biosculpturegreece@gmail.com

Contact number: 0030 2111981265

For assistance

I have a gel diploma do i still have to do a beginner Bio Sculpture course?

No, If you have been educated and have a gel diploma in another gel / acrylic company you do not need to do the beginner course. You should study the Professional Bio Sculpture course.

Do I have to take the Product kit with the course?

Yes, you will be required to do a practical during your course and will need your products. All the Bio Sculpture gel products are tested and of the highest quality.

What happens if i need help after I finish my course?

The Bio Sculpture gel system prides itself on SUPPORT! We have telephonic support to all our clients, Video chats if need be or you could visit your Bio Educator for assistance. We are always here to help.

What do I need to do the EVO course?

We have Beginner EVO courses of which anyone can do this course. We will educate you on the nail shaping , nail preparation, EVO gel application , nail repair and extension and once you complate your course exam you will receive an International Recognized Diploma.

We have EVO courses for Professionals who only want to use it  and then there is a course we have for technicians who want to get qualified and get an International Recognized Diploma.



Is Bio Sculpture Gel a NEW gel ?

No, Bio Sculpture gel is the Original and pioneer of soak off colour gel system . It was established in South Africa in 1988 and has since branched out all over the world.
Can I order products if i am not a Nail technician ?

Yes, Register and Login in as a consumer. You can purchase all Nail products except gels for home use.

For further questions please email us on biosculpturegreece@gmail.com or contact your nearest educator