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EVO training to beginners and professional technicians is available. Again if you do not have formal training in the Beauty Industry, your first step in launching your EVO career is to train in the Bio Sculpture Spa Manicure and Pedicure Course and then continue to the EVO gel courses with sculpturing and tip application courses.
Professionals nail technicians who have completed a gel course from an accredited Aesthetics Academy and present their diplomas will receive FREE EVO training.
On completion of any of the following courses, you will receive your Internationally recognised diploma.

BEGINNER 2 Day Course consists of :
Before a technician can even start working on a client she must first have some form of knowledge about nails. On this day of training the technician will be educated on nail theory. Learning about different nail types, conditions and the correct terminology.
Following this we will then educate the technician on proper hygiene when it comes to her equipment and work area.
Next step is learning and practicing the actual preparation of the natural nail. Cutting of the cuticles, correct filing methods, trimming the nails etc.
We will then show how to correctly apply varnish. We will show application of base, colour, French and top coat.
Along with this the technician will be educated to complete a full spa treatment pedicure. For example, how to apply mask/scrub/cream the foot, proper foot care when it comes to calluses etc.


Each technician will be taught how to apply EVO correctly onto the natural nail. They will be taught how to apply colour and French using this brand new revolutionary gel polish.
Technicians will be shown how to apply a plastic/fake nail tip without using glue , ‘glue-less tips’ , how to build extensions using EVO natural white gel and how to repair broken/chipped nails using silk .

All technicians will receive EVO DIPLOMA on completion of course and passing of practical exam.

Manicure & Pedicure kit:
-Training Manual
-Manicure bowl
-Side Blade Multi Clipper
-Nail Cleanser Sachets
-Bio Dispenser pump
-100ml Hand cream
-60ml Cuticle cream
-12ml Cuticle remover
-Files x 2
-Metal Cuticle Pusher
-Bio Wipes
-Cuticle nipper
-Straight Blade Scissors
-White Brush
-Dusting Brush
-Big Toe nail clipper
-Bio Foot file
-100ml Bio Scrub
-100ml Bio Mask
-100ml Bio Heel Balm
-Pedi Sponges
-Pedi Slippers

EVO Kit:
-Training Manual
-EVO LED curing lamp
-EVO Oxygenating Base
-EVO Top Coat
-Hygienic handle with grey and orange patches
-Metal Orange stick
-Gel Remover Sachets
-Nail Cleanser Sachets
-Thin Black Beauty stick
-Bio/EVO Photo Sheet

Kit Includes training
Includes Delivery fee


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