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Fall/Winter collection for 2019/20

The inspiration behind Nights In Rome started to take shape during a visit to the splendid old city. The familiar sounds of the Piano Accordion and Concertina takes the wanderer to a more romantic era with a hint of excitement as though an awaiting promise of the night.

251 Angelic Statue | Signifies the weathered white marble of majestic angels on the
bridge arching the river to connect the city

252 Starlit Cobblestone | Typical to the black cobblestone pavements glistening with
embedded specs of golden marble set into age old walkways

253 Antique Granite | A replica of the sublime antique silver granite walls from a
magnificent previous age

254 Mauve Regalia | A reminder of the traditional royal mauve purple robes and
splendour worn by dignitaries to ceremonious occasions

255 Knight’s Armour | Dark, the impression of heavily
armoured knights of bygone times guarding the colosseum

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